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Just got back from a brilliant week away at Forum 2014. Forum is UCCF's national student leadership conference. This year there were 1,300 students, student workers and staff at Forum and we heard Christopher Ash preach excellently from John. The week also saw the launch of "Uncover John" a resource to help students read about Jesus with their friends.


I led the band with Sam Parker and Ed Preston during the week. There were some musicians from my Church (City Church Canterbury) and some members of UCCF staff. I was pretty ill in the lead up to Forum but a combination of Lemsip and prayer worked a treat and I was able to sing (just about!!) on the first night.


A highlight of the week for me was on Thursday night- we were singing "Man of Sorrows" and when we got to the verse about the resurrection there was loads of spontaneous clapping and cheering as we celebrated that Jesus had risen from the grave! Very moving. Later that night we had a bit of a dance too (still haven't learnt any decent moves...)


Here are the songs we used during the week:


Monday eve (Olly)

How great thou art- B (S Hine)

This is Amazing Grace- G (P Wickham & J Riddle)

What can wash away my sin- E

Man of Sorrows- E (M Crocker)


Oh to see the Dawn- C (S Townend)



Tues morn (Sam)

Before the throne- D (C Smith)

Saviour of the World- A (B Cantelon)

The Stream (chorus)- A (O Knight)

10,000 Reasons- G (M Redman)


Jesus' Name- B (O. Knight)



Tues eve- Uncover Launch (Olly)

All I Once Held Dear- C (G Kendrick)


Jesus Saves- C (T Hughes)

Sing and Shout- G (M Redman)

Mighty to Save- B (R Morgan & B Fielding)

Jesus' Name- B (O Knight)



Weds morn (Olly)

Here is Love- G (W Rees & R Lowry)

My Treasure- E (O Knight)

Cornerstone- C (R Morgan)

Father we love You- C (D Adkins)


Jesus, All for Jesus- E (R Mark)



Weds eve (Olly, gospel choir & rapper)

Let the Nations be Glad- E (E Rogers)

Forver- A (C Tomlin)

Blessing and honour- D (J Harvill)

All Glory- C (T. Hughes)


Lord I lift your name- G (R Founds)


Give us your courage- A (T Hughes) 

One thing Remains- A (B Johnson)



Thurs morn (Olly)

Come Thou Fount- C (R Robinson)

This is Amazing Grace- G (P Wickham & J Riddle)

My Treasure- E (O Knight)

There is a Redeemer- E (K Green)


Who is there like You- E (P Oakley)



Thurs eve (Olly)

Happy Day- C (T HUghes)

Sing and Shout- G (M Redman)

Man of Sorrows- E (M Crocker)

The Servant King- F (G Kendrick)


Jesus' Name- B (O Knight)


Dancing Generation- D (M Redman)

Alive- D (Hillsong Y&F)

Gods great dance floor- A (C Tomlin)



Fri morn (Ed)

And can it be- E (C Wesley)

Saviour of the World- A (B Cantelon)

My Treasure- E (O Knight)

How deep the Father's Love- E (S. Townend) remix 


Cornerstone- C (R Morgan)


Hope this list is helpful. All songs are available to view on YouTube and most are available to purchase from iTunes! 


New Songs


My Treasure (Chords here)












Released January 2015



Sing & Shout

























Servant King Remix













Written on 09/09/14 by Olly Knight


Forum 2014 Songlist


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