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How should I react when I'm complimented?

Have you ever been in that situation when you've led worship at your Church or an event or maybe you've been in the band/ done something upfront then you get several people come up to you after the session complimenting the way you sung/ played? What have you done? How have you reacted?

This is has been one of the most common questions I've been asked at training sessions/ Q & A sessions by musicians and singers. This is how I've gone about answering the question:

 - When leading or playing I need to go into the time of worship recognising that I am there to serve the body of Christ and point people towards Him and not myself. If I get encouraged after the meeting then fine. If I don't get complimented after the meeting for the role I had to play then it doesn't matter. If I've pointed to Christ then that is good!

- When I'm encouraged by someone after leading worship I've tried to train my mind to not dwell on "wow, I'm so great" but to quickly say to God "thank you, you're the giver of the gift". If I recognise that God has given me all I have and he gives and takes away then I realise that his grace gift to me of music and leading is just that- a gift. I can't get proud or puffed up if I know this! We don't bring any gifts into the world with us, nor can we take our gifts with us when we die. I've been reading through the book of Job recently. He sums this up perfectly in the opening chapter:

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return. The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.”

- I then simply thank the person for what they said and if it's really encouraged me then tell them that. Then I want to ask them about who they are and how God's been speaking to them through the meeting/ event.

- Afterwards I praise God that I was able to help people show their affections for Him but also acknowledge that he could use anyone else in my place instead.

There are some of my thoughts on receiving compliments. I'd love to hear yours too!

Written on 01/06/13 by Olly Knight



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