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ID Worship Song Lyrics
1st December 2020

1.You are Good

I want to scream it out

From every mountain top

Your goodness knows no bounds

Your goodness never stops

Your mercy follows me

Your kindness fills my life

Your love amazes me


I sing because You are good

And I dance because You are good

And I shout because You are good

You are good to me, to me


Nothing and no one comes

Anywhere close to You

The earth and oceans deep

Only reflect this truth

And in my darkest night

You shine as bright as day

Your love amazes me


With a cry of praise my heart will proclaim

You are good, You are good

In the Sun or rain my life celebrates

You are good, You are good

2. My Treasure

Jesus, priceless treasure, source of purest pleasure
Son of God, Your beauty never fades
This World may offer wisdom, or tempt me with it’s riches
But I desire the pearl of greatest price


You're my treasure, my reward
My spirit sings, my heart adores
My delight is Jesus Christ
My greatest prize, my treasure


Jesus priceless treasure, You love us without measure
Lamb of God, You gave your life for us
Giving grace to sinners, offering forgiveness
You share with us the riches of Your life

3. I Stand Amazed

I stand amazed in the presence

Of Jesus the Nazarene.

And wonder how He could love me,

A sinner condemned, unclean.


How marvelous, How wonderful

And my song will ever be

How marvelous, How wonderful

Is my Saviour's love for me.


He took my sins and my sorrows

He made them his very own

He bore the burden to Calvary

He suffered and died alone


When with ransomed in glory

His face I at last shall see

Twill be joy through the ages

To sing of His love of me

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