I'm Olly Knight, I lead the worship teams at The City Church in Canterbury and at events around the UK.
My first worship album "The Stream" was released in Feb 2015 and got a 5/5 review from Louder Than The Music. In 2019 at The City Church we released a celebration album called "Thankful Hearts".

This Site

I really want this site to help you in your understanding of how music, lyrics and theology can come together and be used to celebrate who Jesus is, not just for an individual, but for the Church- God's people together and His dwelling place here on Earth! Whether you're a worship leader, musician or you want to grow in your worship of Jesus then my prayer is that these songs and resources would really equip you and cause you to delight in Jesus.


​I'll be sharing songs that myself and others have written on this website. They are songs we'd use on a Sunday morning at Church or at events where my team and I lead worship. I love writing songs about The Trinity, our adoption and the good news of the Gospel! I like sticking to a "theme" in a song rather than meandering through loads of different themes. Some of the songs on this site will be rough acoustic recordings and others will be recorded versions with instrument tutorials.


I don't think it's good to hoard, I think it's good to pass on! I really want to pass on anything that's of worth to equip you and your worship team in leading congregational worship. I've been priveledged over the last few years to lead in my local Church and at various different events/ conferences- many of which had an interdenominational make-up. I've learnt a lot over the past few years (sometimes the hard way!!) so with the help of others I want to regularly blog on theological or practical dimensions of worship leading. I'd love to see more young men and women raised up that not only can "sing" the songs but really "lead" people in worshipping Christ!

My Story

I grew up in a family that didn't know Jesus. I had some awareness of "a god out there" but after going on an Alpha course in 2001 my sin, Jesus' death on a cross and his grace to me made sense to me- through tears I gave my life to him! I started playing the guitar and singing a few months after. The first few times I led worship at my youth group it was terrible- the guitar on my knee, playing obscure songs and strumming out of time!

When I came to study in Canterbury I joined The City Church (Newfrontiers) and started playing/ leading there. In 2009 I got married to the wonderful Kirsty and started working for UCCF (University and College Christian Fellowship). I started leading worship each year for UCCF at student conferences like "Forum" where 1,000 student leaders come to meet with God and learn how to witness on their campuses.

I've since had two children (Caleb and Rose) and have started to work for my Church in Canterbury overseeing the worship teams. I've had the honour of serving across our family of Churches Relational Mission and at some of our gatherings too. I've loved leading at events like Mobilise, Word Alive, Keswick, The European Leadership Forum (Hungry and Poland) and The Pioneer Conference (Malaga). 


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