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Recommended Books on Worship

I've chosen my big three books that I'd recommend for anyone in worship ministry or who wants to learn how to worship God more fully (nice catch-all phrase there...)

The first book is "Worship Matters" by Bob Kauflin (Soverign Grace). This book is brilliant. Bob includes really good solid theology of the heart, of God and of worship in this book. He's always very gospel centred and makes sure that readers stay close to the cross. I love the fact that in the same book as this really meaty theology you also have fantastic practical help with how to lead worship and lead a team. I found his insight into how to lead a congregation so so helpful. In fact it changed the way I lead worship. I'm thinking and praying more than I used to about the people that I lead. I'm thinking of ways I can explain songs or speak into people's lives. if you get one book on worship ministry make it this one!

I read "Developing an Effective Worship Ministry" when Kirsty was grabbing some much needed sleep after we had our first child! I read this book within a day. It's such an accessible and easy read. This book deliberately doesn't go for deep theology but instead is a toolkit for how to lead worship and a worship team. Tom Kraeuter gives really good, down to earth advice for worship leaders on things like song selection, band arrangements and building team. He suggested some things I'd never thought of before like putting up a passage of scripture on the projector, getting people to sing their own songs to God based on the truth on the screen- brilliant! Practical, down to earth book- love it!

The final book isn't explicitly a book on "worship ministry" BOO!! HISSS! BUT it's the best book I've ever read (apart from the Bible) and it's inspired me to worship God more than any other book I've ever read SO I thought it would be good to include!! In this book Mike Reeves unpacks the Trinity. Not like a systematic theology book though. Mike points to the Trinity as being relationship. A relationship of eternal love that WE are invited into. Mike uses brilliant language, humour and this book has serious substance but it feels easy to read and refreshes you! There's one bit in the book that talks about our corporate worship being us singing a melody to God and God singing a harmony over us and rejoicing over us. Buy it! It'll enrich your view of God and inspire your worship of Him!

Written on 27/04/13 by Olly Knight

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