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The Church is God's Dwelling Place

By Olly Knight 10/07/13

There’s something amazing that happens each Sunday when we come and worship God as a Church gathered together... God Himself shows up!


In Ephesians 2 Paul writes about the Church saying “In Him (Christ) you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.”


God could choose anywhere in the world to dwell, the most incredible Palace, the most wonderful part of His creation. Instead the Creator of the Galaxies chooses to dwell in and amongst his people by His Spirit.


In this verse it’s clear that when we come together to worship we don’t worship Him in isolation and forget about everyone else. We are being built together as Brothers and Sisters. We spur one another on and enjoy time together worshipping our God. There’s beauty in our worship being corporate, in our coming together.


Spending time with God one on one during the week in His word and in prayer grows our love for Him. This time in the week should fuel our Sunday mornings when we come together. We can come expectantly to meet with God and to contribute to the meeting, to encourage each other.


God chooses to inhabit the praises of His people. The Church is God’s dwelling place here on earth!




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