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Forum is UCCF's national student leadership conference. This year there were 1,200 students, student workers and staff at Forum and we heard Dave Gobbett, Sam Alberry and others preach excellently on apologetics in the evenings. I led the band with Ed Preston & Tom James. David and Jess Norman joined us in the band only 2 weeks after getting married!

This was my seventh year leading the worship team at Forum and it was probably my favourite year. One of the best things about this year was that we got to stay with the tech crew and caterers all in the same lodge eating together and relaxing together. It was such a good atmosphere and really felt like family. Well done Nick Jackson and all his superb team. They do so much behind the scenes work to make the conference run so well.

One highlight for me was when we introduced the new song we'd written "Jesus is the Lord of all" and there was a real rise of faith as we sung about Jesus' ressurection in verse 2 the first time we sung it together. Another great moment was the spontaneous applause to God that started as we sung the last verse of Man of Sorrows together. I loved getting to know the students in my worship leader network that I ran and a fun highlight was playing 3 hours of volleyball on the Tuesday afternoon!

We used two songs from my album "The Stream" (download it here) If you'd like a couple of backing tracks for free click here.

Fountain of Goodness

My Treasure

The new song "Jesus is the Lord of all" that we introduced








We also led with the song "Lion and the Lamb" for the first time at Forum too.

Lion and the Lamb


Here's the full songlist we used during the week:


Monday eve (Olly)

This I Believe- A (B. Fielding)

How Great Thou Art- B (S. Hine)

Our God is an Awesome God- B (R. Mullins)

Lion and the Lamb- G (Leeland)

I love you lord- G (L. Klein)


This is our God- E (R. Morgan)


Tues morn (Olly)

Psalm 103

Holy, Holy- E (N. Fellingham)

This is Amazing Grace-A (P. Wickham)

Jesus is the Lord of All-B (O. Knight & T. James)


Jesus, Lover of my soul- E (P. Oakley)


Tues eve (Olly)

I stand amazed- G (C. Gabriel)

The Way- Bb (T. Hughes)

Fountain of Goodness- D (O. Knight)

Forever- G (B. Johnson)

Be Thou my Vision- E (D. Forgaill)

My Treasure- E (O. Knight)


Weds morn (Ed)

At Your Name- A (T. Hughes)

Rejoice- A (D. Kensrue)

Be Lifted Up- E (P. Oakley)


Servant King- Eb (G. Kendrick)

Man of Sorrows-Eb (B. Ligertwood)


Weds eve (Olly & choir)

Let the nations be glad-E (E. Rogers)

There's no one like Jesus- G 

Soon and very soon- G

My Treasure- F# (O. Knight)

He is Lord (F#)


Jesus is the Lord of All-B (O. Knight & T. James)


I Surrender All- C (W. Weeden)

Father, we love You- C (D. Adkins)

Forever- G (B. Johnson)


Thurs morn (Tom)

Here is Love- G (R. Lowry)

Lion and the Lamb- G (Leeland)

Rejoice- A (D. Kensrue)

Jesus is the Lord of All-B (O. Knight & T. James)

Christ is enough- A (R. Morgan)

Knowing You Jesus-C (G. Kendrick)


Thurs eve (Olly)

Happy Day- C (T. Hughes)

My Treasure- F# (O. Knight)

Fountain of Goodness- D (O. Knight)

What can wash away my sin- E 

Man of Sorrows-E (B. Ligertwood)

Our God- Bb (C. Tomlin)

The Way- Bb (T. Hughes)

Alive- D (A. Pappas)

Gods great dance floor- A (C. Tomlin)

Dancing Generation- D (M. Redman)


Fri morn (Olly)

Jesus is the Lord of All- B (O. Knight & T. James)

Oh to see the dawn- C (S. Townend)

The Lord is gracious and compassionate- A (G. Ord)

One thing remains-A (B. Johnson)


Jesus Saves- B (T. Hughes)

Mighty to save- B (R. Morgan)


I hope this list is helpful. All songs are available to view on YouTube and the vast majority are available to purchase from iTunes! 

Written on 13/09/16 by Olly Knight

Forum 2016 Songlist


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