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You are the Christ

Jesus reveals himself to us through his word and by his Spirit. This song is based on Jesus' life told through the gospel of Mark. It was written by Tom James and I for the new UCCF resource "Uncover Mark".

Download the chord chart here (Chords in G. Would recommend leading in F or F#)

Come and see the King

Through the pages of his Word

The God who walked on this earth

To serve and not be served


Crowds would gather to see

As the blind were given sight

And hear the power of his voice

As He raised the dead to life


We believe your Word is true

Your Spirit’s opened our hearts to You


You’re our Saviour

We’ll forever sing your praise


Name above all other names


Son of God with power to save

Lord we believe, You are the Christ!


Come and see the man 

Who wore a crown of thorns

As He died on the cross

the weight of sin he bore


Now The author of life 

Is lifeless where he lays

But see the power of God

As He rises from the grave!


We will tell of You 

All our hope in you

As we share your love speak through your Word 

Spirit breathe anew

With our faith renewed

May this nation turn to follow You

Copyright 2018 Olly Knight & Tom James ​

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