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Though the world around us seems to be crumbling it's easy for us to live in fear but when the darkness gets darker Jesus' light will shine brighter! When the troubles are greater our songs can grow louder!

I've really enjoyed singing "You Hold the World" with you, my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, on Come and Sing with Me! The only sad thing is that we haven't been able to hear each other sing the song UNTIL NOW! I'd love for as many people as possible to video themselves worshipping and singing along to this song and then I'll edit it together so each person/ family can sing bits of the song (not as a huge grid of small faces but on the main screen one after another) 

How to do it

1. Play the song (on Youtube/ Spotify) on a different device to your phone and make sure you can hear it through headphones (if recording with a family then make sure at least one of you can hear it!)

2. Have a copy of the lyrics to hand (beneath)

3. Face a window during the daytime to get nice light on yourself

4. Hold or place your phone in between yourself and the window in LANDSCAPE (horizontal, not vertical) and record yourself singing along to the song (Enjoy singing and worshipping to God through this experience!)

5. After you've finished go to and send me the video of you singing to the email address

Families with kids- if you'd like to do the actions for the chorus then please do! 

"You" point upwards

"Hold the world" make a circle with your arms 

"I won't be afraid" shaking your finger

"I'm carried by your peace" pretend to rock a baby in your arms

"I'm trusting" point to your head

"in your name" point upwards 

I'll need all your videos by Friday 31st July and then I'll show the video for the first time at the "You Hold the World / Lockdown LP" Launch night on Facebook Live on Friday 14th August 7.30pm!


The earth is full of fear and dread

Confusion, chaos and despair 

You’re sovereign even in this storm

Your voice brings calm and leads me on


When the darkness gets darker

Your light will shine brighter

Jesus hope for every soul 


You hold the world

I won’t be afraid

I’m carried by Your peace

I’m trusting in Your name


When fear and doubt is all I know

And I feel empty and alone

I run towards my only hope

Christ alone can heal this earth

When the darkness gets darker

Your light will shine brighter

Jesus hope for every soul 


When the troubles are greater

Our song will grow louder

Jesus hope for every soul

Copyright 2020 Olly Knight & Jo Travis

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