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Jesus is the Lord of All

Over the Summer I found myself getting really concerned with what was happening in the news. The UK's position in Europe was so unclear and terrorist attacks seemed to be a daily occurrence across the continent. When the world is in chaos it can lead us to despair or as a Christian it can lead us to trust Christ all the more. 

Abraham Kuyper famously said "There is not a square inch of the whole of creation over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, "That is mine! That belongs to me!""

Thanks to Tom James for his help with the verses. Andrew Francis did a superb job filming the video in the field opposite my house.

Lyrics and Chords

Key [C]


Verse 1:

[F]                                   [C]

All creation sings His praise

     [G]                                              [Am]

For by His word all things were made

[F]                                                  [C]

He holds the keys to life and death

[G]                                      [C]

Sustains us by his very breath


Stars and galaxies were made,

For the glory of His name.

Earth and Heaven declare His ways,

O Christ, the matchless King, be praised!



[C]                   [F]         [C]

Jesus is the Lord of all

[C]                  [F]          [C]

Jesus is the Lord of all

[Am]                         [G/B]    [C]

You're the one we bow before

[C]                  [G]         [C]

Jesus is the Lord of all


Verse 2:

He left his throne and crown behind

To stoop so low that he would die

The Lord of all was crucified,

His hands were pierced instead of mine


But death could not contain the Christ,

For Jesus rose in power to life,

He claims the church for which he died,

To reign with Him, his spotless Bride


Middle 8:

   [G]                                                  [Am]

A day will come when wars will cease

           [F]                             [C/E]

When nations stand in unity

[G]                                     [Am]

Every voice will sing to Him

        [F]                          [G]          [C]

Our great victorious King of Kings

Copyright O. Knight & T. James 2016 CCLI 7070739

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