Songs of hope about Jesus for a world in pain


You Hold the World / Lockdown LP

Released 14/08/20!


Since lockdown started I’ve never known a time in my life when I’ve sung as much and written as many songs. I’ve been wanting to sing about the hope that Jesus brings now & our future hope with Him in eternity!


I've been recording an album of new songs that I’ve written in lockdown like “You Hold the World”, “All Things New” and the song I wrote with my 7 year old Son Caleb called “You Died on the Cross”. 


Because of this pandemic I’ve seen my friends in the music industry lose their jobs so the money that’s raised from the kickstarter campaign has enabled me to employ my friends Jonny, Tom and Steve to work on this album with me.


I’m inviting you to pray for this album, to share about the album and thank you to everyone who's invested in getting the album made! Over £10,000 has been raised!


I want this album to bring hope to people, bring glory to Jesus and support for my friends through this hard time. When the troubles are greater our songs will grow louder!

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