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The Stream

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Terry Virgo (NewFrontiers Founder)

"Pleasing melodies combined with great biblical truths make this album a sheer delight. Olly Knight has wonderfully served the body of Christ by putting in our hearts and mouths songs we shall love singing to the Lord both together and alone."


Luke Hellebronth (Worship Central)

"I’d encourage you to check out Olly’s new album if you want to hear great melodies, thought provoking lyrics and fresh sounds. Great job Olly!"


Simon Brading (Newday/ Church of Christ The King) 

"Through stunning lyrics and beautiful melodies, Olly gives us glorious insight to the mysteries of a Triune God. Filled with songs that enrich, comfort and edify, again and again you're taken to the Trinity and out of that flows The Stream."


Peter Mead (Author & Founder of Cor Deo) 

"Heart-stirring and rich theology melded with refreshing musical excellence . . . get The Stream by Olly Knight - it will do ministry in your soul!"


Mike Betts (Leads Relational Mission) 

"One of the accompaniments to fresh moves of God are new sounds, songs, musicians and singers.  God stirs us to ‘sing to the Lord a new song’.  I am thrilled that amongst our churches in Relational Mission new fresh creativity is emerging, raising anticipation that God is about something new! One such fresh sound is the new album ‘The Stream’ by Olly Knight.   Singable, memorable songs soaked in scriptural truth, carrying a prophetic edge and culturally accessible.  I throughly recommend this album.  May there be many more new songs and new sounds from Olly in the future!!"



I love it when there's good theology in worship songs and I also crave music that does something to my senses; music that's different, creative and inventive.


I've been considering recording a worship album for years but it just never seemed the right time. The worship singles I've released in the past couple of years I've liked but they aren't necessarily the kind of music I'd choose to listen to. This got me thinking... How can I fuse together the songs I've written with new songs in a style of music that I like playing and that gets me really excited? When I want to listen to music I want to listen to ambient music with great soundscapes (Sigur Ros, Explosions in the sky) and electronica music (Radiohead) so it makes sense that I make that kind of album. Yes the album will have a band but it will also have lots of beats and synths and programming too! 


The beauty of the Father, Son and Spirit needs to be sung about. My desire is for God to be glorified through these songs and reach people's ears that don't know Him yet. I also want believers to be reminded of the gospel afresh from hearing and singing the truths on this record.


I've been overwhelmed by the support and response to "The Stream" since it's release on February 27th. It went straight to the top of the Christian/ Gospel iTunes and Amazon charts and I've received so many positive messages and emails about the music and lyrics. Thanks to everyone who's bought a copy!


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